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Rob Rutz - Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania:  I often say to friends, "You don't realize that you're witnessing and playing part in an amazing historic event until it's over." Like those who attended Woodstock, today we a growing fandom who is so fortunate to understand the magic of Prog On The Ranch. This event, which draws fans from several countries, has grown from seedling to become one of the finest power plants in the live music world. The level of appreciation that everyone on the ranch has during the festival is immeasurably evident. Whether a past patron or brand new to the experience, Prog On The Ranch is a must-attend event!!! for music-lovers.

Susan Alvarez - Williston, Florida:   This is my favorite music event in Florida. Bill and Devora are the best hosts around and the ranch is beautiful. Come join us listening to some incredibly talented musicians surrounded by wonderful people, you won't be disappointed.

John Giambalvo - Forest Ranch, California:   There aren't enough words to properly describe how much fun is to be had at Prog on the Ranch. The talent and passion of this community are beyond compare. We all travel to this location purely because we love to play songs together. It starts with Bill & Devora turning their ranch into the perfect venue, and then the fire is fueled by the pure desire of players from around the world. The weekends on the ranch have been the highlight of my vacation plans for years now. The experience is unique, beautiful, musically amazing and satisfying, and filled with love and camaraderie. What more do you really need?

Veronika Hørven Jensen - Norway:  I fell in love with Prog on the Ranch from the word go. It's a great concept brilliantly executed. Despite not knowing anyone there when I arrived for my first time, it felt both familiar and yet also exciting. Set in beautiful surroundings you can enjoy music as both spectator and contributor.  I love the vibe and hope to return for years and years to come.

John Danese - Exton, Pennsylvania:   Prog on the Ranch just gets bigger and Better every year. The crowd is ALWAYS kind and even with that large gathering it still feels like family!  Bill and Devora are the ultimate hosts as it is all on their private home!  The music is amazing for 3 straight days- all the grid musicians playing complex music one off for the first time with zero rehearsal!  There is nothing like this in all the world. I consider myself to be among the lucky few who get to be a part of Prog on the Ranch.

J. Grey Wolf - San Anselmo, California:   Every year, people congregate from the far reaches of the world to play music they've probably never rehearsed together before, and more often than not it comes off as nothing short of incredible. The headliners have no such luxury of not rehearsing, so, of course, their performances come off flawlessly. It's easily the people as much as the venue that make Prog On The Ranch special.


Amy Hoffmann - Sparta, New Jersey:   My husband George and I love coming up POTR because it is like a family reunion with so many people we enjoy spending time with and sharing the music we love so very much. Every time we arrive at Crimson Sky Ranch it’s like coming home. Bill & Devora are gracious and welcoming hosts, as well as dear friends.

Jeff Blanks - Sandy Springs, Georgia:   I’m a fairly recent POTR convert, but I’m truly grateful that I can finally be part of all this. It’s a really welcoming environment, with not one, but two first-class stages to play on. Thanks so much to Bill, Devora, and all the crew for all the opportunities you’ve extended me, and all the memories you’ve already made possible!

Keith Turner - Cherry Hill, New Jersey:  Prog on the Ranch is the best music related experience that anyone could ask for. Whether you are playing, listening, or socializing with this welcoming community, it is truly one of a kind in the best way possible. World-class musicians from around the globe, incredible food, abundant friendship and cooperation. You have to experience it at least once, but when you do you are part of a family of music lovers for life.  I can’t wait for next year !

William Jones - Lakeland, Florida:   Awesome!

Tim Palsson - Brooksville, Florida:   This is a place where you can let it all hang out. If you are a Furry, you can play Australian indigenous folk music,. If you are a one eyed cyclops you can get laid by a dinosaur, or at least one pretending to be. Hell, I've worn a dress and a clown suit and it worked well for me...come and join the fun!

Laura Bell - New York, NY:    What a wonderful, Prog experience! Dual stages at a beautiful ranch setting! Loved it!

Mark DeGregory - West Milford, New Jersey:  Music first! Prog on the Ranch is a one-of-a-kind event. Like-minded performers, listeners, lovers of music convening at this lovely outdoor setting. Gracious host and hostess Bill and Devora Goldman have thought of everything to make your experience enjoyable and memorable. Prog on the Ranch has the feel of a family reunion, with good vibes running deep and I always look forward to returning to my ever-growing music family at this home away from home.

Dr. David Saketkoo - Coral Springs, Florida:   Bill and Devora have created an absolutely magical place where friends become like family, and where a part of your soul finds its home.

Toby Krawitz - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:   I am honored to have been a part of the musical evolution of Prog on the Ranch. I performed on the front porch of Bill and Devora's home approximately six years ago. The ranch has become a venue of musical family reunions, a beautiful environment and an atmosphere of lasting friendships and many happy memories for me. I intend to attend many more Prog on the Ranch festivals. Thank you Bill and Devora.

Jon Golding - Oakland, California:  POTR has gone from a from a fun weekend jam with friends into a can't miss Prog Music festival! It amazes me how this festival gets better year after year: Pro-Am musicians tackling the best of progressive rock with established acts old and new showcased between. The amazing food trucks, the beauty of the setting and most of all, the deep friendships formed make this one of the events I look forward to every year. Long Live Prog on the Ranch!

Margo Duarte - Peabody, Massachusetts:   Did not know what to expect, it was my first time, I had an amazing time and loved the whole venue. Can’t wait to come again❤️

Roger Shepard - Parkersburg, West Virginia:   I "came to the dance" late in the Spring of  2022, but Bill was creative and gracious enough to find THREE songs for me to play!  Met so many wonderful people who also just happen to be wonderful musicians. Can't wait to come back again!

Ken Slater - Great Britain:   I have been a co-coordinator of AHEPJ/LNL and PotR since the fall of 2013 just after the first Cruise to the Edge. It has been a joyous experience for me. Prog on the Ranch is prog nirvana for musicians and music fans alike.  A place where prog dreams continue to come true. The best part?  Easily the friendships we have formed. My wife and I found our best friends in the world in Bill & Devora Goldman. Peace and love, Ken

Fenner Brownell - Bradenton, Florida:    Devora and Bill do everything in their power to host a musical, magical experience at the ranch. So so good.

Casey Thieryung - Brooksville, Florida:  POTR is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Musicians from around the country coming together to play songs with no practice that most musicians would only play in their wildest dreams! This field gets filled with some of the most talented musicians and coolest people you will ever meet!  Don’t miss out!

Bobby Rodrigo - Portland, Oregon:   I look forward to this every year. I feel at home there because of the love extended by our hosts and  the love surrounding me by our community. Being able to perform and watch others perform in such a unique way is amazing. When people ask me how I am doing I always say “Marvelous, I am above the dirt. Everything else is gravy.”  This is a lot of gravy. With dessert and seconds!!  Love you all.  Love POTR

Alan David - Clearwater, Florida:   First timer and it was fabulous. really can't imagine a complaint, tho it was funny hearing sound guys blown out of their seat by sax on She's Gone.  Now ya know who's writing. ;)

"J":   A porch party turned into a vision, repeated parties, a property with 2 stages, exponential growth of prog lovers in attendance and a huge new family that all come together from around the world to entertain each other and party!

Kevin Fields - Brooksville, Florida:    A time filled with Friends and New Friends who get to Experience each other's  Musical Journey.

Kathy DeAdder - Massachusetts:  First of all Bill & Devora we’re very welcoming. It was a great experience, one I’m still talking about.  Everyone that played & came were incredible & and met a lot of new friends & old friends.  I was thankful I could be a part of  POTR.  Wish I could have been there for all of them. But will be there ever year forward.  Thank you everyone for such a great experience. See you in February.

Gary Hobish - San Francisco, California:  Before attending Prog On The Ranch in 2017 I was a 98lb weakling who could barely manage a credible "Louie Louie." Today, after being challenged to join a hundred of my best friends in playing without a net, I am two separate gorillas, able to play "Close To The Edge" and "The Gates Of Delirium" simultaneously.  Yet somehow I'd still like to master "Louie Louie."

Ernie Inman - Zephyrhills, Florida:   A fabulous musical and social experience. Great musicians supporting each other and their craft. Just one big, happy prog family!

Suzy Garfinkle - Brooksville, Florida:  I am so blessed to have just moved in around the corner from Devora and Bill. I found out about POTR too late to clear my schedule, so I just came and went as possible. I am already sure I will clear all the days next year to soak up every moment of the great vibes, people and music! The generosity of my new neighbors and the friendliness of all their guests is a not to be missed experience! Deep gratitude to all!

Robert Ciccone - Bronx, New York:   I have been going to POTR for several years - it is always a great experience, getting to play prog rock songs with fellow fans and friends. Looking forward to the next POTR in Feb 2023!

Dave Bond - Brooksville, Florida:  I have been performing at Prog on the Ranch since it's inception. You will not meet and enjoy a more wonderful group of people, starting with Bill and Devora Goldman and continuing with every musician and music lover you come in contact with during these events. The love and joy of the music, both performing and listening to it rivaled by only the camaraderie felt by attending this wonderful gathering. Young and old, professional and casual musicians alike can find their happiness here on the Ranch.  

Amy Haiken - Orlando, Florida:  We recently had the pleasure of attending our very first Prog on the Ranch, an extraordinary event hosted by Bill and Devora.  The quality of music was unparalleled, offering us the chance to immerse ourselves in the best that Prog Rock has to offer, alongside like-minded individuals who share our passion. But it wasn’t just about the music; it was about the connections made, the laughter shared, and the memories created.  To Bill and Devora, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Steven Darmanin - Spring Hill, Florida:  Although I only performed a few times on the ranch stage, each was so magical. Performing with other musicians whom I never met and getting it right!! Bill and Devora’s Prog on the Ranch is an incredible setting where your musical dreams come true.

 Karsten Gehrke aka Bass Man - Germany:  Every time the weekend is over, I‘m nearly in tears. There‘s no place in the world like this. It‘s the music and the people and especially Devora and Bill. I just love this place. 

Suzanne Reardon-Mulhall - Lakeland Florida:  In 2016, Ed and I were invited to join a small group of assorted musicians and friends to attend the very first Prog on the Ranch, where we strengthened friendships we'd made on the April 2014 Cruise to the Edge. As the weekend started, I knew a handful of the attendees - but by Sunday evening, I had gained a couple dozen more friends who also enjoyed the music I love. Each Prog on the Ranch, I share with first timers that you'll come for the music, but you'll leave with many new friends and possibly a few family members. It has been a pleasure to see this small gathering on Bill and Devora's front porch grow into renting a stage, building stage 1.0, improving it to stage 1.1, ADDING another stage, bathrooms, a kitchen, and who knows what else Bill will build before we all gather in Masaryktown in February. Spending each day listening to extremely talented friends play great music, and sometimes getting to join in is something I look forward to with all my heart.

Michelle Burnside - Highland, Indiana:  I had such an amazing time at Prog On The Ranch! I got to meet and play with a lot of great musicians! Bill and Devora are absolutely the best and put on such a great show and have a great heart and have opened up their land for this event. The thing that really hit me was most of the musicians had never met each other the songs that were done, was a cold run. That was just amazing. Thanks to all that helped with the food and helped with cleanup you guys are amazing! Can’t wait till next year!

Erik & MaryBeth Koch - Homosassa, Florida: Thank you Bill and Devora for inviting us a few years ago to be a part of your vision for POTR. You have blessed us with creating this most gratifying, satisfying and memorable experience of a lifetime. Hopefully we will continue being your production crew of the Pavilion Stage X many more years to come. Erik & Mary, Rock The Planet Entertainment

Patria & Tom Dye - Brooksville, Florida:  The music was amazing, but we knew it would be.  Actually, it's not just the music it's a lot more, it's the people. Everybody we talked to were just amazing human beings. The place, what can you say it's magical and our friends and hosts Bill & Devora are truly amazing people and they open basically their home for Prog on the Ranch is beyond what anyone ever expect. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.....  Patria & Tom


Phil & Melynda Reilly - Spring Hill, Florida:  Prog on the Ranch is a totally unique experience. Where else can you gather with musicians and friends (and new ones made) in a huge picnic party?!  People are there for a common interest…great music and friends. It’s a big family from all over the Country and Abroad!  Bill and Devora really know how to set it right. They work hard to ensure a wonderful experience. From the grounds, the sounds, the bands, the individual musicians that make up the grid stage. A truly wonderful time and experience!



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